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Welcome to Heaven's Acres Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats                                Where there's a little piece of heaven here on earth! 






Please come on in, sit down awhile and let us tell you a bit about ourselves and the people that love us!                                           

                            Located in Southern New Hampshire                                                                                                                                       


                                       Last updated February 27, 2014 

               *** Herd Has been sold ***              

                  I want to thank all the wonderful families that have given my goats such good homes and hope that they bring the joy to your lives that they did to mine.  They are missed here immensely! I am leaving the website up for those of you that may want pictures or information from here on the site.



We are very fortunate to live on a large fruit and vegetable farm in the southern part of New Hampshire where we previously raised Irish Dexter cows and now raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and Silkie chickens.  We choose to maintain a small closed herd of animals here on the farm in order that we may spend quality time with each and every animal here on the farm and to keep them disease free.  It is for this reason that we have decided to forgo showing our animals.  Our animals are all friendly, easy to handle, registered animals that provide well for our family.  We breed for conformation and temperament with an emphasis on the milk pail.  Though we choose not to show, we breed for that also.  We started our venture in 2007 when we purchased our first two Irish Dexter Cows, Emily and Nola. Though my husband had previously been a dairy farmer for 25 years, he had no experience with these wonderful little cows.  I on the other hand, had always been an animal lover but had never had farm animals at all.  It is a road we embarked and a decision I made that I have never regretted.  After three long years of trying, I was finally able to convince my husband to add Nigerian Dwarf Goats to our farm.  After doing alot of research into Nigerians, we purchased our breeding herd from excellent milk/show bloodlines from here in New England and Texas, from a woman who also takes bio-security very seriously.  In 2011 we were faced with the difficult decission of selling our two Dexter cows and focus on our Nigerians due to some health problems my husband was dealing with at that time.  Nigerians are easy keepers and thus I was able to care for them by myself.  With two kidding seasons under our belt and a whole lot of learning, we are now looking forward to next years kiddings.  We couldn't be happier!  There is a peacefulness that can only be achieved by spending quality time with these little goats and I look forward to it each and every day.  I want to thank God, Laura, Charlie, Gloria and all of the others that have helped us to get started with our animals along the way and the joy that they have brought us!

                       Waiting to take your goat home can sometimes be so hard you just have to visit!

 Goat kisses are the best!


  Wondering if goats make good pets also?  This picture says it all! 

One of our goats in his new home 

  Lil Buster just loves his stroller rides with his friend and she just loves him!

Picture sent courtesy of Stephanie Viola 


          Denia & Lightning                          Aubrey with Lindy Hop


                                 Two of our Granddaughters while visiting the farm!


                                                                      Aubrey & ChaCha

There is nothing like a little goat to put a smile on a childs face!"

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

~~~Anatole France~~~




The American Goat Society 



 The American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association




".......when the last individual of a race of living things breaths no more, another Heaven and another Earth must pass before such a one can be again."          

~~~William Beebe~~~